About the Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore

Our vision: to be a global leader in Mechanobiology research and create new knowledge and technologies for the enhancement of human health

Ten years ago, the Mechanobiology Institute (MBI) was created jointly by the Singapore National Research Foundation, the Ministry of Education and the National University of Singapore as the 4th Research Centre of Excellence, as part of Singapore’s bold effort to build world-class investigator-led research centres with a global impact and aligned with the long-term strategic interests of the country. With the continued resources to recruit top scientific talents and build facilities in nanotechnology, modern microscopy, molecular biology and genomics, MBI today is working hard to solve key problems of cellular mechanics that underlie normal development, physiology and aging, as well as a variety of maladies from cancer to age-related diseases.

MBI’s scientific research is focused on the dynamical and mechanical aspects of biological functions. A central theme connecting all of MBI’s research is to understand the forces that drive motility and morphogenesis at the molecular, cellular, and tissue levels. Toward that goal, MBI has recruited a highly interdisciplinary, and growing, team of scientists and engineers to develop powerful new computational models, imaging platforms, and experimental systems and tools for studying dynamic processes in living cells and tissues. The resulting scientific discoveries and innovations will ultimately be transferred to both the clinic and the classroom. Understanding biological forces requires a multi-scale systems perspective. MBInfo is an online platform created to provide a modular understanding of dynamic processes across molecular, cellular and tissue levels. Through comparative analysis of how dynamic processes are altered in normal and diseased cells and tissues, the knowledge gained may lead to a “tissue repair manual” for the better maintenance of healthy functions and treatment of degenerative diseases. The deliverables of this integrated knowledge of cellular and molecular mechanics will be accomplished through interdisciplinary collaborations across Singapore and international research communities in medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and computing. MBI endeavors to serve as a leader and nucleus in this effort.

Mechanobiology is an emerging discipline, one that demands dedicated researchers with innovative and collaborative spirit, the courage to think out of the box, and the drive to succeed. Here at MBI we are creating a new and powerful community of scientists and engineers committed to the advancement of mechanobiology and its application to improving human health.

Our Mission

At the Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore, our goal is to develop a new paradigm of biomedical research by focusing on the quantitative and systematic understanding of dynamic functional processes. Read more about MBI’s Mission.

Contact Us

MBI is located on the campuses of the National University of Singapore. We welcome your questions about our mission and our site. Contact us at mbi@nus.edu.sg.