MBI’s Open Platform Initiative

The Mechanobiology Institute is committed to developing better ways to bring together the multi-disciplinary expertise that is essential to understand mechanical functions on the systems level.

MBI offers a modern, open-lab platform, with well-managed state-of-the-art core facilities, to bring outstanding scientists and their projects to Singapore while providing high-quality training for students and scientists in quantitative systems approaches to the understanding of biomechanical functions. We are working on new ways of studying healthy functions and diseases through the lens of molecule, cell and tissue mechanics.

The Mechanobiology Institute’s mission is to:

  • Develop the world’s leading centre for mechanobiology research and education on an open-lab platform
  • Understand the mechanical aspects of cells and tissues during organism development, physiology and aging
  • Define fundamental cellular operations from which complex biological functions are built across scales
  • Leverage basic-science discoveries in mechanobiology for biomedical innovations toward better prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases
  • Serve as a vibrant international hub for scientific interactions and collaborations in mechanobiology

MBI serves as a nucleus for cutting-edge research and workforce training in Singapore by:

  • Attracting, supporting and retaining world-class investigators to conduct high-quality and high-impact research
  • Enhancing postgraduate research training and education
  • Creating new knowledge and technologies in selected areas of academic significance and strategic relevance to Singapore