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2017 Bootcamp on Mechanobiology: An integrative approach to understand cell functionThis nine-day “Bootcamp” style course will cover fundamental concepts and practical approaches in understanding cellular functions. The focus is to develop a breadth of knowledge in quantitative techniques to allow bioscience researchers to pursue further depth in their respective research work.

Major topics include: gene editing, cellular structure and processes, statistics, bio-imaging, image analysis, modelling, and quantitative methods in biology. There will be extensive tutorials in using Matlab, complemented by hands-on microscopy and wet-lab sessions.  Students will work as part of a team to tackle problems and to develop a report on an open area of modern bioscience research.

The Bootcamp lectures are open to all interested graduate students and post-docs. For graduate students the lectures will be reinforced in thematic-based practicals, leading to 4-MC.

Dates: 4 August to 12 August 2017
WhereCREATE Theatrette, Level 2, 1 CREATE Way, CREATE Tower, NUS



Prof Michael SHEETZ
Prof Peter SO
Dr Stuti K DESAI
Dr FOO Yong Hwee
Assoc Prof HE Cynthia
Adj Assoc Prof Gregory JEDD
Asst Prof Pakorn Tony KANCHANAWONG
Prof Patrice KOEHL
Asst Prof LAU On Sun
Dr LIEU Zi Zhao
Asst Prof LOH Ne-Te, Duane
Assoc Prof Antonia MONTEIRO
Asst Prof Fumio MOTEGI
Dr ONG Lee Ling Sharon
Asst Prof Timothy SAUNDERS
Dr TAO Shijie
Asst Prof Yusuke TOYAMA
Prof YAN Jie
Prof Hanry YU
Assoc Prof YEONG Foong May
Assoc Prof WANG Hongyan
Prof Thorsten WOHLAND


Program Schedule and Registration

There are two types of registration:

  1. Open Registration
  2. Graded module Registration (strictly for NUS graduate students who would like to read MB5104 as graded module, leading to 4-MC).
Open Registration
• NUS graduate students who would like to attend as a non-graded module (i.e., as a listener)

• Non-NUS graduate students

• Postdocs

• Individuals who would like to know more about Mechanobiology

Note: This group of registrants will attend the open lectures only.

17 July, 2017 Register now
Download schedule


Graded Module Registration
• NUS graduate (Master/PhD) students reading MB5104 as a graded module (leading to 4-MC) only.

Note: This group of registrants will attend the full program. This module cannot be taken as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U).

17 July, 2017 NUS graduate students must register through their hosting department using the prescribed template.

Download template

Department administrators should compile and send the student’s details on the prescribed template to mbicsy@nus.edu.sg and mbical@nus.edu.sg not later than Friday, the 21st of July, 2017.

Download schedule



A confirmation email will be sent to the successful registrants by 26 July 2017, Wednesday. If you did not receive it by then, please contact mbicsy@nus.edu.sg.

Registration for Open Lectures

For more information, contact:

Assoc Prof Cynthia He (DBS)
Asst Prof Timothy Saunders (MBI)
Dr Sharon Ong Lee Ling (SMART)

Ms Carol Cheng (MBI)
Ms Chua Ai Leng (MBI)



The Bootcamp 2017: An integrative Approach to Understand Cell Function gratefully acknowledges sponsorship by:


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