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Prof. GV Shivashankar featured on Becoming Human, Channel News Asia

MBI Science Communications | MARCH 2019

MBI Principal Investigator and Deputy Director Professor GV Shivashankar is featured in the Channel News Asia documentary series, Becoming Human: Unnatural Genius to discuss how his lab uses AI and and nuclear mechanogenomic architecture to detect early stage cancer cells.

Host Chua Enlai interviews Prof. GV Shivashankar for Episode 2 of Becoming Human: Unnatural Genius

In Episode 2 of Becoming Human: Unnatural Genius, host Chua Enlai explores how natural intelligence inspires artificial intelligence, meeting AI trained to think like artists, musicians, doctors, and scientists. MBI Deputy Director Prof. GV Shivashankar was interviewed about his recent work using machine learning techniques to potentially diagnose early stage cancers.

“What was once science fiction is turning into science fact.”

—From the show Becoming Human,
Channel News Asia

This idea forms the premise of Becoming Human, a four-episode documentary series being telecast on Channel News Asia. The show will take viewers through the tremendous advances being made in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and examine how this technology is revolutionizing life in areas as diverse as relationships, science, morality, and politics.

Over the last decade, the Shivashankar Lab has extensively shown how the genome architecture of a cell is directly influenced by mechanical signals existing within and outside the cell. In a collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Caroline Uhler, MIT, an expert in machine learning, the Shivashankar Lab developed a novel AI-based tool that can discern early stage cancer cells from normal cells, based on subtle changes in their genomic architectures. This potential application of AI to science and medicine could aid clinicians in detection and diagnosis of early stage cancer, leading to targeted treatment and improved survival of cancer patients. For more information on this study, please visit: mbi.nus.edu.sg/science-features/a-i-in-the-fight-against-cancer

In October 2019, Profs. Shivashankar and Uhler are organizing a conference titled ‘Genomes and AI: from Packing to Regulation’ at the National University of Singapore. This 3-day international conference will provide a platform for experts in the fields of genome biology and machine learning to exchange ideas and foster collaborations, which may eventually lead to the development of new therapeutic interventions. More information on the upcoming conference can be found here: mbi.nus.edu.sg/events/2019-genomes-and-ai

Aside from their work on early stage cancer diagnosis using mechanogenomic biomarkers, the Shivashankar Lab focuses on understanding the role of cell mechanics on nuclear mechanotransduction and genome regulation. More about the research directions of the Shivashankar Lab can be found at: mbi.nus.edu.sg/g-v-shivashankar

Becoming Human: Unnatural Genius featuring Prof. Shivashankar will be telecast on 17th March 2019 at 9 PM (Singapore time) on Channel News Asia, and can be streamed online at: www.channelnewsasia.com/news/video-on-demand/becoming-human

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