MBI’s Graduate Students

With an interdisciplinary and highly-integrated team approach to discovery and invention, MBI constitutes a new paradigm in biomedical research and graduate education.

MBI’s curriculum is crafted to train innovative and influential leaders for not only in academia but also in R&D-based industry. In alignment with these goals, MBI has created a PhD program to bring together internationally renowned scholars to further the study of mechanobiology and train the next generation of scientists and researchers. Find out more about our graduate program

Incoming Class of August 2019 (l to r): Liang Lanfeng, Wu Yan, Kashish Jain, Ignacius Tay Yan Yun, Hu Jinrong, Liu Jingzhun, Leong Kim Whye and Deepika Singh

Incoming Class of August 2018 (l to r): Wang Jiahao, Jessica Kabigting, Matthew Bilton, Jingwei Xiao, Moin Khan, Vidhyalakshmi Acharya, Deng Yunxin, Sunandan Dhar, Zhong Xueying, Zhao Zixuan

Incoming Class of August 2017 (l to r): Zhong Jun, Tricia Loo Yi Jun, Divyanshu Mishra, Murat Shagirov, Toh Jia Ying Pearlyn, Yuan Luezhen, Liu Chixuan, Xu Yumeng, Ragunathan Srilakshmi, Dasvit Shetty

Incoming Class of August 2016 (l to r): Lisheng Xu, Fu Chaoyu, Vaishali Yadav, Shinjini Ray, Jiang Kuan, Sarada Venkatachalapathy


Incoming Class of August 2015 (l to r): Darren Wong Chen Pei, Liu Xuyao Iris, Leeba Ann Chacko, Guo Shiwen, Aradhana Bharti, Yow Ying Ming Ivan, Guo Zhenhuan, Pang Si Ming, Alok Kumar Dubey


Incoming Class of August 2014 (l to r): Row 1- Zhang Shaobo, Shi Shidong, Jokhun Doorgesh Sharma, Lu Chen, Row 2- Tian Xingyue, Hou Zining, Cao Yue, Kapish Gupta, Ajay Aravind

MBI’s PhD programme in mechanobiology offers outstanding students the opportunity to be trained as leaders of an emerging discipline.

The Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore, in partnership with the Department of Biological Sciences and other academic departments at the National University of Singapore, has an excellent graduate programme leading to a PhD degree by research in mechanobiology.


Incoming Class of August 2013 (l to r): Yang Jie, Shreyansh Jain, Xia Shumin, Lin Bocheng Lester, Huang Anqi, Yin Jianmin, Minnah Thomas

MBI admits new students in August. The deadline for application is the 15th of January and interviews will be conducted from October to March. Learn more


Incoming class of August 2012 (l to r): Chen Tianchi, Chen Zhongwen, Zhang Zhen, Parthiv Kant Chaudhuri, Ding Wei Yung, Yang Yang, Lynn Tan Hui Yin, Yang Yi An, Chen Jin, Mrinal Shah, Salma Jalal, Gao Xumei, Sun ZiJun

Incoming Classes By Year

August 2016

FU Chaoyu | e0018313@u.nus.edu | Viasnoff Lab
JIANG Kuan | e0018312@u.nus.edu | CT Lim Lab
Saradha VENKATACHALAPATHY | e0018317@u.nus.edu | Shivashankar Lab
Shinjini RAY | e0018306@u.nus.edu | Toyama Lab
Vaishali YADAV | e0018316@u.nus.edu | Saunders Lab
XU Lisheng| e0018314@u.nus.edu | Kenney Lab

August 2014

JOKHUN Doorgesh Sharmaa0054753@u.nus.edu | Shivashankar Lab
Kapish GUPTA | a0129245@u.nus.edu | Hanry Yu Lab
LU Chen | a0030814@u.nus.edu | Yan Jie Lab
SHI Shidong | a0129256@u.nus.edu | Bershadsky Lab
ZHANG Shaobo | a0129258@u.nus.edu | Saunders Lab
ZHANG Yue | a0129259@u.nus.edu | Viasnoff Lab

January 2014

Celine Marie Helene STOECKLIN | a0120131@u.nus.edu | Viasnoff Lab

August 2013

DONG Xiaoduoa0109742@u.nus.edu | Cynthia He Lab
Azita GORJIa0109739@u.nus.edu |  Kanchanawong Lab
HUANG Anqi | a0093019@u.nus.edu | Saunders Lab
Shreyansh JAINa0109675@u.nus.edu | Lim Lab, Ladoux Lab
LIN Bocheng, Lestera0053905@u.nus.edu | Low Boon Chuan Lab
Minnah THOMASa0109746@u.nus.edu | Toyama Lab
YIN Jianmina0109745@u.nus.edu |  Saunders Lab
XIA Shumina0119318@u.nus.edu |Kanchanawong Lab

August 2012

CHEN Jin | a0095423@u.nus.edu | Yan Jie Lab
CHEN Tianchi |  a0095428@u.nus.edu | Ladoux Lab
CHEN Zhongwen | a0095424@u.nus.edu | Groves Lab
DING Wei Yung | a0045129@u.nus.edu | Zaidel-Bar Lab
GAO Xumei | a0038840@u.nus.edu | Viasnoff Lab
Mrinal SHAHa0095422@u.nus.edu | Kenny Lab
Parthiv  CHAUDHURI |  a0095421@u.nus.edu | Lim Chwee Teck Lab
Salma JALAL | a0095420@u.nus.edu | Bershadsky Lab
SUN Zi Jun |  a0095426@u.nus.edu | Toyama Lab
Yang YANG | a0095425@u.nus.edu | Wu Min Lab
YANG Yi An | a0095427@u.nus.edu | Hanry Yu Lab
ZHANG Zhen | a0045820@u.nus.edu | Kanchanawong Lab

January 2012

Ranjit S GULVADY | A0092506H@u.nus.edu | Yan Jie Lab

August 2011

HU Xian | A0015124@u.nus.edu
KHOO Bee Luan |  A0086334@u.nus.edu
KUKUMBERG Marek | A0089344@u.nus.edu
MUKUND Gupta |  A0089342@u.nus.edu
QIN Lei |  A0089331@u.nus.edu
SHAVARI Rajeev Sathe | A0089337@u.nus.edu
SU Mao Han | A0089338@u.nus.edu
TAN Pei Yi | A0038688@u.nus.edu
WANG Ye Jun | A0089335@u.nus.edu
WENG Zhe | A0089334@u.nus.edu
WU Yao | A0039469@u.nus.edu
XIONG Ding | A0089332@u.nus.edu
YANG Bo |  A0089336@u.nus.edu

January 2011

ZHU Liang |  A0075562@u.nus.edu

August 2010

MAKHIJA Ekta | A0075564@u.nus.edu
LE Shi Min | A0068177@u.nus.edu
LIU Yang | A0068165@u.nus.edu
TU Ting-Yuan | A0075579@u.nus.edu
XING Jiangwa |  A0068169@u.nus.edu

August 2009

SATHE Annesh |  g0901121@u.nus.edu
CHEN Qian |  g0901118@u.nus.edu
LI Qiushi |  g0901117@u.nus.edu
LUO Wei Wei | g0901124@u.nus.edu
SHAO Xiaowei | g0901123@u.nus.edu
SONAM Surabhi |  g0901120@u.nus.edu
YUAN Xin |  g0901125@u.nus.edu
YAO Mingxi |  g0901119@u.nus.edu

MBI Student Awards & Achievements