Mechanobiology Institute Outreach

At MBI, cell biologists, physicists, computer scientists and bioengineers work side-by-side, using a wide array of methods and technologies to conduct their research. A major part of MBI’s mission is to communicate our research to the general public, promoting a greater understanding of this vibrant and emerging discipline.

Mechanobiology describes how physical factors, such as forces and mechanics, are able to influence biological systems at the molecular, cellular, and tissue level. The fundamental process which drives mechanobiology is mechanotransduction, the ability of cells to convert mechanical stimuli into biochemical signals. For example, a cell can sense and respond to the three-dimensional physical properties of its environment. These parameters include matrix density, geometry, and substrate rigidity. After sensing these mechanical stimuli, the cell can convert them into biochemical signals which enables specific cellular responses such as migration, proliferation, and differentiation.

For Schools

At the Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore, cell biologists, physicists, computer scientists and bioengineers work side-by-side, using a wide array of methods and technologies to conduct their research.

The one thing all our researchers have in common – a desire to understand how mechanical forces are integrated into biological systems. In particular, understanding how physical forces or mechanical cues can drive the development of an embryo, direct the healing of a wound, or promote the development of cancer.

We welcome the opportunity to introduce high school, junior college or undergraduate students to this highly interdisciplinary and innovative field.

Singapore based schools or public groups, are invited to enquire about visiting the MBI laboratories.


Students from a local school attend a lab tour and lecture at MBI in 2015.

Students that visit MBI will hear from one of our researchers before touring the labs. During the tours, students will observe demonstrations on various techniques including super-resolution microscopy, microfabrication and microfluidics, tissue culture and basic cell biology techniques, and image analysis and data processing. Depending on your interests and the size of the group, we can also arrange for panel discussions or ‘hands-on’ lab activities.

We can also visit you. If your school is hosting a science camp or similar event and you would like one of our researchers to present an introduction to mechanobiology or interdisciplinary research, please enquire early.


For inquiries about visiting MBI or arranging for an MBI researcher to visit your event:

LEE Qiao Jing

PA to the Deputy Director
+65 6601 1904

Andrew WONG

Facility Manager

For Media

We encourage journalists and media professionals to feature the research of MBI in the local and international media.


MBI’s Science Communications core facility was established to promote the work of the MBI, and communicate, to a wide range of audiences, the latest research findings from the field of Mechanobiology. We welcome your inquiries.

For easy access to all past press release please see our past Science Features.

To ensure the MBI branding and identity is correctly represented in any news article or research feature, please consult our Media/Press Kit (downloadable zip file).

For information on research initiatives at NUS, or to reach an NUS expert for a news story please contact Amal Naquiah AHMAD, NUS Office of Corporate Relations at


For all media inquiries, including interviews or lab visits:

Andrew WONG

Facility Manager

MBInfo: A Community to Define Mechanobiology

MBinfo is a community of interdisciplinary researchers and academics defining the field of Mechanobiology. Since its inception as a wiki in 2009, MBInfo has grown into a hub of information that describes the latest findings and ideas on how the physical environment and mechanical forces influence life at all levels, from individual cells, to multicellular organisms.

Experts may join the site to share the latest findings and definitions with the community and discuss new hypothesis or ideas. We will soon be unveiling new community aspects on the website where you can vote for key publications and submit cell images to our growing library. As active contributors to MBInfo you will soon enjoy news-and-views style coverage of recent high impact publications, researcher profiles, news and the chance to interact with your peers in a rapidly growing field. Read more about MBInfo.

Andrew WONG

Facility Manager

MBI WIS: MBI Women in Science Initiative

The Mechanobiology Institute Women in Science Initiative (MBI-WIS) at the National University of Singapore is an organization composed of graduate students, staff, post-doctoral fellows and faculty in the sciences in Singapore. We are dedicated to achieving equity and full participation of women in all areas of science. Our goal is to advance women in science and to discuss and make the research community aware of past, present and future challenges. We seek to increase the participation of women in science at all levels, and to enable the advancement and success of women scientists.

Our mission is to encourage the women of  MBI, NUS, Singapore, and beyond to become involved in mentorship, networking and outreach, as well as participating in seminars and discussions on this topic. Learn more about Women in Science at MBI.



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