MBI’s Internal Component Repository (OpenFreezer)

OpenFreezer is an online repository solution currently implemented at MBI to collect and present information about the components in use at MBI.

The OpenFreezer Laboratory Reagent Tracking and Workflow Management System is an open-source information management system for biological laboratories.The system tracks information on all reagents within the laboratory, including specific properties of each reagent (i.e. sequences, external identifiers), and on all the physical preparations of these reagents (storage locations, physical characteristics). Complementing this repository are workflow tools, such as primer design and automated feature mapping, making OpenFreezer a valuable tool for the bench scientist.

MBI’s install of OpenFreezer is an online repository collecting and presenting information about the plasmids/clones/drugs/antibodies/chemicals and other resources internally available at MBI. Administered by MBI’s Wet Lab Core, the goal of the resource is to facilitate better communication and more efficient sharing of components among the different groups within MBI.

Request acccount/Get help

MBI researchers can request access to the system by emailing your name, lab and position information to MBI’s Wet Lab Core at mbiwetlab@nus.edu.sg or to Kyaw Tun at kyaw@mechanobio.info. New accounts are issued by request only.

MBI OpenFreezer Online Repository [MBI researchers only]

LIANG Mui Yee, Rosa Cynthia

Facility Manager, Laboratories Manager

Kyaw TUN

Web Application Development