MBI’s Administrative Team

Together with our core facility teams, MBI’s administration conducts the day-to-day operation of the Institute ranging from personnel and finance matters, to the MBI Graduate Programme, to the organization and administration of events and conferences.


MBI’s HR team looks after all MBI personnel, appointed at various levels. Their mission is to help MBI recruit the best talent and to provide a smooth transition of new recruits into their positions at MBI, with the aim of providing an opportunity for their career development. The growth of the Institute into a world class center of talent and resources hinges on its staff and as such every effort is made to nurture a conducive work environment.


(Pictured left to right:) Latha Krishnarajpet Shiva; Wu Sheau Chuen; Punthvathy D/O Sergaran; Tham Song Lan, Wendy; Riama Maureen; Tan Bee Lay; Lee S C Cynthia; Kho Sue Ping; Chua Ai Leng; Fan Pai Hoon; Cheng Sor Yan, Carol; Cheryl Chia

MBI is made up of a largely international community, with colleagues hailing from over 17 countries. Recruitment is conducted locally and internationally and acceptance is based on merit, experience and job fit. MBI works in partnership with its entire staff to build a world class centre for talent and knowledge resources.

Career opportunities are advertised on the MBI website, in the local press and in international scientific journals, such as Science and Nature.


(Pictured left to right:) Latha Krishnarajpet Shiva, Lee S C Cynthia, Wu Sheau Chuen


The Finance Team manages the Institute’s budget, its expenditure and reporting. MBI is funded by a 10-year grant which has enabled the Institute to be fitted with state-of-the-art instruments and to finance all its research projects and research staff.

MBI is a semi-autonomous research institute within NUS. The Finance Team therefore also works closely with the University’s Finance Office and the University’s auditors, as well as the external auditors engaged by the Institute.

Our Procurement Officer is in charge of all purchases for the institute together with our Finance Officer, who looks after payments, claims and the regular administration and reporting of the Institute’s expenditure. The Finance team is headed by a Finance Lead who is a certified accountant overseeing the Institute’s budget and financial operations.

Graduate Studies

MBI offers its own graduate programme.  The Graduate Administrators implement polices related to the graduate programme in MBI. Day-to-day operations include looking after graduate students from the point of recruitment, application, registration, immigration, scholarship, candidature, research, academic matters and finally, graduation.

MBI’s 5-year Graduate Programme in Mechanobiology is supported by generous scholarships and offers quality teaching and cutting edge research experience.  Trained by an internationally renowned team of top scientists and academics, the programme attracts international and local students. The MBI Graduate Programme is actively promoted globally through the website, international roadshows and international conferences and conventions. Find out more about the MBI Graduate Programme.

Internship Programme

MBI’s endeavours to recruit and promote mechanobiology amongst international students and hosts a select number of interns each year. Our hybrid team of administrators from Public Relations and Graduate Studies reflects the flavour of scholastic endeavors in our internship programme, as well as the outreach element.

We invite and support students who are interested in internships of 3 to 6 months to Singapore. The Administration Team takes care of invitations, visas, the administration of modest stipends and introduces the interns to meaningful research training programmes in the laboratories of their chosen MBI supervisors. Read more about the MBI Internship Programme.

(Pictured left to right:) Cheng Sor Yan, Carol; Chua Ai Leng

(Pictured left to right:) Cheng Sor Yan, Carol; Chua Ai Leng

Outreach and Events

The Public Relations arm of MBI handles outreach and events. Every year MBI regularly entertains group visits from overseas institutes and organizations.

Our PR staff provide support and help with travel, hotels and furthermore specifically tailor the visit programme for each visitor to MBI to optimize their time at the institute. A successful visit very often results in new partnerships in research endeavours and enhancement of the academic programme. It also expands the scientific network of the Institute, enabling it to reach out globally.

This team also forms the secretariat of all scientific conferences and workshops organized by MBI both within and outside Singapore. For upcoming events, please visit the MBI events page.


MBI’s Research Team looks after the management of the research needs of the Institute, ranging from grant calls, research funding and management, conferences, reviews and reporting. The team works closely with the core facility managers at MBI to ensure the availability of facility resources to each of MBI’s research groups. We administer and manage the fund allocation and utilization of research grants from MBI to each of its principal investigators, tracking the progress of the projects.

Through a hybrid model of a centralized and institute-wide open laboratory concept, together with support for independent research of each PI through project grants, MBI embodies a highly integrated and cohesive research initiative. This initiative draws strength from MBI’s international team of physicists, biologists, engineers, theoreticians, mathematicians and computer scientists.


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LEE S C Cynthia

Administrative Director
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Wu Sheau Chuen

WU Sheau Chuen

Finance Lead
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Latha Krishnarajpet Shiva

Latha Krishnarajpet SHIVA

Special Projects
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Cheng Sor Yan Carol

CHENG Sor Yan Carol

Graduate Recruitment, Internships
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LOOH Hock Soon

Graduate Recruitment, Internships

FAN Pai Hoon

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HOE Wei Wen, Vyvian

Human Resources (Recruitment, Re-appointments, Visitor programmes)
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Kho Sue Ping

KHO Sue Ping

Grants Adminstration
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Tan Bee Lay

TAN Bee Lay

Human Resources
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TAN Yan Nee

Executive Procurements
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LEE Qiao Jing

PA to the Deputy Director
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Nurulain Binte AZMAN

MAO, Research