15 JUN-28 JUN. Prof Masahiro Sokabe visiting from Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine

Masahiro Sokabe

Professor, Department of Physiology
Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine


15 June – 28 June, 2016

Professor Sokabe’s major research fields are Biophysics: Structure-Function of Ion Channels (Artificial Channels, Mechanosensitive Channels), Cell Physiology:  Mechano-Signaling in Morpogenesis, Migration: (SAChannel, Cytoskeleton, Integrin) and Brain Science:  Neuronal Plasticity (Optical recordings, Hippocampus, Altzheimer’s Disease, Neurosteroids).


MBI office: T-Lab Level 5, 05-03-01
Email: msokabe@med.nagoya-u.ac.jp | Phone: 6601 1563

Learn more about Professor Sokabe’s work and research (site in Japanese).