28 DEC-31 MAR. Prof Michelle Wang

Michelle D. Wang with UFAPA apparatus in Cornell's Clark Hall. Nicola Kontoupes/ Cornell University Photography Copyright © Cornell University

Visiting Professor Michelle Wang, from Cornell University, USA will be arriving in Singapore on 27 December 2011 and will be with us for 3 months. She will be hosted by A/Prof G.V. Shivashankar. Her MBI office is located at T-Lab Level 9, 09-03-04 and can be contacted at ext 11552. Her email ismdw17@cornell.edu.

Professor Wang is interested in single molecule mechanical manipulations of biological molecules. Her laboratory develops state-of-the-art optical trapping techniques to probe the motions and dynamics of molecular motors that translocate along DNA, as well as the regulation of these motions by the presence of other proteins that interact with the same DNA substrate.

Current research at the Wang Lab involves: Mechanism of Transcription, Unpacking DNA, Helicase Unwinding of DNA, Development of Novel Techniques such as “Zipping” and “Twisting”.  Read more about Prof Wang’s research at the Wang Lab site.