9 FEB-19 FEB. Professor Mohan Balasubramanian, University of Warwick, UK

Professor Mohan Balasubramanian

University of Warwick, UK

Email: M.K.Balasubramanian@warwick.ac.uk
Office:  T-Lab Level 5, 05-03-12
Tel: 65167066

Please join us in welcoming Visiting Professor Mohan Balasubramanian, from the University of Warwick, UK who will be arriving in Singapore on 9 Feb and will be with us until 19 Feb 2015.

2015mohanMohan Balasubramanian graduated in chemistry from Madras University in India and pursued a post-graduate program in microbiology and Biotechnology in Baroda, India. He carried out his Doctoral research at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, where he initiated his study of cell division in fission yeast. Following post-doctoral research at Vanderbilt University, USA, where he furthered his study of cell division, he joined the Institute of Molecular Agrobiology Singapore in 1997 and the Temasek LifeSciences Laboratory Singapore in 2002.

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Prof Balasubramanian is an expert in cell division. His office is located at T-Lab Level 5, 05-03-12 and can be contacted at 65167066. His email is M.K.Balasubramanian@warwick.ac.uk.

Please join us in welcoming him to MBI!