13-19 APR. Prof Benoit Ladoux visiting from Institut Jacques Monod

Benoit Ladoux

Visiting Senior Principal Research Scientist
Institut Jacques Monod


13 to 19 April, 2017


Email: benoit.ladoux@ijm.fr
Office: T-Lab Level 9, 09-03-03
Tel: ext 11398


The overall goal of the team is to understand how coordinated regulation of cell-substrate and cell-cell adhesion and cytoskeletal dynamics contributes to cell and tissue mechanics and adapted cell response to forces, particularly in the context of cell adhesion to substrates of controlled stiffness and geometry and the dynamics of epithelial sheets (open or confined collective migration, wound repair, apoptotic cell extrusion, skin and intestinal epithelium homeostasis and associated pathologies).


Epithelial cell migration; Microfabrication for cell mechanics; Influence of the mechanical environments on cell functions; Adherens junctions; Cadherins; Mechanotransduction; Molecular mechanosensors; Collective cell migration; Cell polarity

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