Science Communications Core

The effective communication of scientific discovery is a crucial aspect of any research. It can inspire new ideas and hypothesis, which can in turn lead to new discoveries and technologies. It can educate the next generation of scientists, and keep the general public informed.  Whether through academic journal or popular magazine, the information presented must clear, concise and engaging.


MBI’s Science Communications core facility was established to promote the work of the MBI, and communicate, to a wide range of audiences, the latest research findings from the field of Mechanobiology.


MBInfo ( is the flagship project of the science communications facility. It serves to provide the community with in-depth reviews of the cellular and molecular functions related to the emerging field of Mechanobiology.

This comprehensive website supplements written descriptions with high resolution illustrations, animations and interactive media. Through its Wiki-based design, MBInfo may be edited by the community, and the latest research findings included as soon as they are published.

MBInfo provides a useful resource for lecturers and teachers of cell biology as well as postgraduate or undergraduate students interested in learning more about the basic cellular processes of Mechanobiology.

Media, Communications and Education

The science communications facility promotes the research carried out within the MBI through the production of

  • popular feature articles
  • scientific illustrations and animations
  • iBooks and web-based interactive media
  • poster/slide templates
  • video and photography

We also undertake manuscript proofreading and editing as well as conduct seminars on topics such as science communications, science writing and scientific illustration.

For more information, or to make use of the services offered by the MBI Science communications facility, please contact us at