Protein Cloning and Expression Core

The purification and expression of proteins enable cutting-edge molecular and cellular research here at the Mechanobiology Institute. The Protein Cloning and Expression Core provides fast, efficient cloning and expression services to researchers at MBI and NUS.

protein expression core

The MBI Protein Cloning and Expression Facility is a new, breakthrough facility using highest development technologies to produce products enabling new discoveries in mechanobiology.

Managed by four full-time research staff, the Core provides high-quality, purified recombinant proteins from different host systems (E.coli, yeast, insect and mammalian) and custom-made expression vectors with selective markers. The final products are characterized by their purity, promoting and assuring accuracy for quality research. The Core also provides consultation services and training for new staff inexperienced in molecular biology and protein purification protocols.

protein expression facility

Managed by 4 full-time research staff, the Core provides high quality, purified recombinant proteins for MBI researchers.

A collection of fluorescent proteins with different colors

The MBI Protein Cloning and Expression Core has collected and/or constructed a series of fusion vectors, which provide the opportunities to label and trace the target genes in vivo under microscope.

The core has developed high-throughput “in-fusion” approaches to label any target genes with different colors, ranging from green, yellow, red to cherry. In addition, the core facility is developing the new approaches to make novel fluorescent proteins with “tailor-made” colors based on structures.

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Researchers at NUS and MBI may access the Protein Expression Facility at for training and scheduling information and to submit project requests (login required).