At the Mechanobiology Institute, we’ve created leading-edge core and support facilities to enable novel and innovative research in mechanobiology. Equipment, staff and services are provided to support and overcome the experimental and computational challenges that our principal investigators, researchers and students may face.

Administrative Staff

MBI’s administration team is dedicated to the set-up, growth and development of the MBI. Our staff facilitates day-to-day operations ranging from personnel and finance matters, to our graduate programme, to the organization of conferences and more. Learn more.

Computational Core

The MBI Computational Core facility was set up to store, process, analyze and visualize the experimental data and images as well as large scale computer modeling of cell processing and data mining of complex biological processes.  Read more about the computation at MBI.


mbi labsThe MBI laboratories design is based on the bold concept of an ‘open laboratory’. There are no walls or partitions separating one principal investigator’s group from another and benches are communal, as are facilities and equipment. Read more about MBI’s labs.

MBInfo: A Modular Approach to Cellular Functions

MBInfo is an effort to create new knowledge-intensive reviews of topics relevant to cellular and molecular function. It is intended to provide clear, well-illustrated information on topics central to understanding cell functions and mechanisms. Read more.

Microscopy Core

mbi computational coreThe Microscopy Core is the largest of MBI’s core facilities, currently containing three confocal microscopes, three wide-field fluorescence systems, three TIRF-based microscopes and more. Learn more about MBI’s Microscopy Core.

Nano and Microfabrication Core

mbi nano coreThe facility maintains a shared 10K cleanroom facility for basic processes, including mask aligner, laser writer, deep reactive ion etcher, spin coaters, hotplates, PDMS preparation station and vapour silanization oven for processing structures down to 700 nm. Find out more about this facility.

NUS Centre for BioImaging Sciences (CBIS)

cbisThe NUS Centre for Bioimaging Sciences has complimentary facilities in electron microscopy including the FEI Titan Krios and FEI Helios and state-of-art light microscopy (SPIM, DSLM). Some of these facilities are joint acquisitions with the MBI.

Occupational Health and Safety

safetyMBI is committed to the safety and health of every person working in an MBI laboratory. Occupational Health and Safety has the ultimate goal of providing a safe working and learning environment for all. Read more.

Protein Cloning and Expression Core

mbi cloning coreThis facility provides fast, efficient cloning and expression services including high quality, purified recombinant proteins from different host systems and custom made expression vectors with selective markers. Find out more about the Protein Cloning and Expression Core.