The Mechanobiology Institute has brought together principal and co-investigators, research fellows, research assistants, facility specialists, graduate students and administrative staff under one roof to further the study of mechanobiology. From different countries and various fields of mechanobiology, cell biology, biomechanics, modeling and bioimaging, our team works together with a common goal- to break new ground in mechanobiology research.


The Mechanobiology Institute is lead by Dr. Michael Sheetz, a researcher with over 30 years of experience in the biomedical field. Dr. Sheetz heads a team of faculty and investigators, embracing an open research platform to promote a vibrant learning environment for both researchers and students. Meet MBI’s management team.

Faculty and Investigators

Here at MBI, we are creating a new and powerful community of motivated scientists committed to the advancement of the discipline and the future of mechanobiology. Read more about MBI’s faculty and investigators.

Research Personnel

MBI is providing an open platform to bring outstanding scientists and their projects to Singapore while providing high-quality training for students and scientists. Meet our research personnel.


The MBI admits high-achieving students into a programme that ventures into uncharted territories in mechanobiology research. Meet MBI’s graduate students.

Administrative Staff

MBI now has over a hundred staff under one roof from different countries and various fields. Meet the Mechanobiology Institute’s staff.