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About MBIOne of four Research Centres of Excellence at NUS, MBI is working to identify, measure and describe how the forces for motility and morphogenesis are expressed at the molecular, cellular and tissue level.
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KOH Cheng Gee

KOH Cheng Gee

Assistant Professor, Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore

+65 6316 2854
Nanyang Technological University
50 Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 639798

Research Program
The Cell-Matrix and Cell-Cell Mechanotransduction Group

Associate Chair (Faculty), School of Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University

Recent Research

Koh Cheng Gee

Principal Investigator

Research Areas

Cell signalling; Regulation of actin cytoskeleton; Rho GTPases, their effectors and regulators

Research Interests

Our laboratory is interested in the signal transduction events involving small GTPases of the Rho family, their regulators and effectors. These proteins play key roles in transducing extracellular stimuli into distinct responses including cell shape changes, cell motility, adhesion, cell division and phagocytosis. The emphasis of our current research is on the kinase PAK, its interacting protein PIX and a family of serine/ threonine phosphataes of the PP2C family, POPXs.


Dr Koh did her undergraduate studies at the Department of Chemistry at the National University of Singapore. After completing her Ph.D. with Sydney Brenner at the University of Cambridge, she returned to Singapore to work on Fugu genomics at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology. She later moved to Louis Lim’s laboratory at the same institute to study small GTPases-mediated cell signaling. In 2004, Dr Koh started her own laboratory at the School of Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University. Dr Koh is also a Principal Investigator at MBI.


PhD University of Cambridge

Recent Publications

  1. Zhang S, Weng T, Cheruba E, Guo T, Chan H, Sze SK, and Koh C. Phosphatase POPX2 Exhibits Dual Regulatory Functions in Cancer Metastasis. J. Proteome Res. 2016;. [PMID: 27976581]
  2. Hoon JL, Tan MH, and Koh C. The Regulation of Cellular Responses to Mechanical Cues by Rho GTPases. Cells 2016; 5(2). [PMID: 27058559]
  3. Khaw S, Min-Wen C, Koh C, Lim B, and Shyh-Chang N. Oocyte Factors Suppress Mitochondrial Polynucleotide Phosphorylase to Remodel the Metabolome and Enhance Reprogramming. Cell Rep 2015; 12(7):1080-8. [PMID: 26257174]
  4. Koon YL, Koh CG, and Chiam K. Computational modeling reveals optimal strategy for kinase transport by microtubules to nerve terminals. PLoS ONE 2014; 9(4):e92437. [PMID: 24691408]

Lab Members

Elsie Cheruba

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Research Assistant, Koh Group

Zhang Songjing

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Research Associate, Koh Group

Weng Ting

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Research Associate, Koh Group