12 -14  November 2012


Shaw Foundation Alumni HouseNational University of Singapore



Organized by

The Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore (MBI)

The 6th Mechanobiology Conference focusses on the structure and organization of the cell nucleus and its response to forces, from both within and outside the cellular milieu. Various topics including cell mechanics, chromatin assembly, computational modeling, single molecule physics, transcription, motility, mechanotransduction and more, will be discussed at the conference and the workshop preceding it.

We hope the scientific events will provide stimulus for new ideas and allow for new connections between systems, approaches and scientific thought. Participation of young and upcoming scientists is highly encouraged. Several slots are reserved for lectures selected from abstracts. A limited number of travel grants will be available.

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About the Mechanobiology Conference series

The first Mechanobiology Conference was held in 2008 and since the conference has become an annual event in the calendar of the Mechanobiology Institute. The conference is traditionally held in the month of November, in Singapore, spreads over 3 days and aims to provide a platform for scientists working in the developing field of mechanobiology. Each year there is a specialized theme focusing on developing areas, such as ,Mechanobiology of Multicellular Systems (2011) and Actin, Cytoskeleton and the Nucleus (jointly organized with the Biophysical Society, 2010).

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Since 2011, there has also been a workshop organized alongside the conference. The workshop aims to provide a selected group of young and new scientists, a peep into the tools and techniques used to unravel the mechanical details of cellular functioning and force response. Spread over 4 days, the workshop has a strong practical element and allows the participants to explore the excellent tools and technology available in-house, at the Mechanobiology Institute.

Preceding the conference, an educational workshop will be organized under the same theme, held from the 7to 10 November 2012 at the Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore.

About the MBI

The Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore, was established in February 2009 supported by a $150 million fund provided by  the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the National Research Foundation (NRF) over 10 years. Hosted at the National University of Singapore (NUS), the establishment of this centre was the result of 3 years of regular meetings, scientific discussions and careful strategic planning between MBI Director Michael Sheetz and his scientific colleagues in establishing such a research consortium in Singapore in this field.

The Institute recognizes the importance of the mechanisms of cell and tissue mechanics in the development of therapies and have brought together over 25 PIs under one roof in Singapore from the various fields of mechanobiology, cell biology, biomechanics, modeling and bioimaging to break new ground in Mechanobiology.

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