Internship Program

The Mechanobiology Institute (MBI) is currently partnering a number of universities and institutes world-wide in both Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) and collaborative agreement in an effort to broaden and enhance scientific progress in the field of mechanobiology.

Existing MOUs are with:

– The National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India
– The Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune, India
– Waseda University, Japan
– CNRS, France
– The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

In addition, through our Institute’s scientists, we have partnerships with the US, UK, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, India and China.

In-line with MBI’s efforts to promote Mechanobiology amongst international students, the Institute hosts a select number of interns each year.

We invite and support a highly-selective number of students who are interested in internships of 3–6 months to Singapore. The MBI administration team takes care of invitations, visas, the administration of modest stipends and introduces interns to meaningful research training programs in the laboratories of their chosen MBI supervisors.

Application to the MBI Internship Program

Step 1

All applicants are required to seek out a sponsoring supervisor in the MBI and to obtain acceptance from the MBI supervisor before MBI considers supporting the internship. The MBI supervisor may interview the candidate and review his or her scholastic record. The number of internships is limited and highly competitive.

Priority will be given to applicants who are:

– from partner institutes under MOUs with MBI

– from partner institutes who are being considered for MOUs with MBI

– from home institutes of MBI’s visiting professors

– candidates who are interested in pursuing graduate studies in MBI

– recipients of international travel grants or fellowships

The applicant can find a list of PIs and Co-PIs at When you have found a sponsoring supervisor, please contact and proceed with Step 2 concurrently.

Step 2

The applicant is required to email (soft copy in a single PDF file) the following completed application materials to the MBI Graduate Office.

1) Completed application form (duly signed)

2) A clear copy of the following supporting documents:

a) Certified copy of Bachelor’s Degree Transcript (english translation) and/or;

b) Certified copy of Master’s Degree Transcript (english translation).

c) Certified copy of Bachelor’s Degree Certificate (english translation) and/or;

d) Certified copy of Master’s Degree Certificate (english translation).

e) Copy of publication list (if applicable)

f) Resume

g) Copy of Passport

3) Annex 1 – Indemnity Form for Internship (duly signed by applicant and or parent/guardian)

4) Annex 2 – Exclusion of Liability And Indemnity Form for Access to Facility (Applicable to interns who need to work in the lab)

5) Annex 3 – Brief training programme agreed upon between the intern and the PI (refer to template)

6) Annex 4 – Supporting email from PI indicating:

(a) PI’s agreement to host the applicant for the stated duration and proposed date;

(b) an indication of space allocated to the intern as MBI will not provide additional space.

7) Annex 5 – Vaccination Record form (this is applicable ONLY to the successful applicant who works with human samples)

8) Annex 6 – Consent letter from intern’s home institute [applicable only if the applicant is currently pursuing an undergraduate/post graduate course – please refer to the template]

Step 3

Upon receipt of the completed application as stated in Step 2, the Graduate Office will process and keep you posted of the outcome of your application. Upon approval of your internship application, we will further advise you of the necessary procedures for visa and Training Employment Pass (TEP) application. Note: Processing time may take up to 4 weeks.

Download guide and forms

Internship Application Guide and Form [PDF]

Annex 1 – Indemnity Form for Internship [PDF]

Annex 2 –Exclusion of Liability And Indemnity Form for Access to Facility [PDF]

Annex 3 – Template for Brief training programme [DOC]

Annex 5 – Vaccination Record form [PDF]

Annex 6 –  Template for Consent Letter from Intern’s Home Institute [DOC]

Anyone who works with live animals needs to be immunised against Tetanus. Those who work with human samples from commercial and non-commercial sources, including human blood, tissues, immortalized human cell lines, samples from “healthy” volunteers, need to be vaccinated against Hepatitis B. Where necessary, please submit copies of the vaccination record to your safety lead for documentation.

Send completed application and enquiries to

MBI Graduate Office
Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore
National University of Singapore
T-Lab, #05-01, 5A Engineering Drive 1
Singapore 117411