11-14 DEC 2017: 3rd International Symposium on Mechanobiology, Singapore

3rd International Symposium on Mechanobiology, Singapore

11-14 December 2017
U-Town, National University of Singapore

The 3rd International Symposium on Mechanobiology is being organized by the Mechanobiology  Institute, National University of Singapore.

This Symposium is the third in a series of scientific meetings supported and endorsed by the International Society of Mechanobiology, the first two being held in Shanghai and Okayama respectively. This symposium aims to cover the fundamentals, recent advances and emerging issues related to mechanobiology.  It will provide a unique opportunity to advance knowledge and understanding in the areas of basic and applied research in mechanobiology. This field involves interdisciplinary approaches combining biology with mechanics/physics as well as experimental techniques and  computational modelling.  In addition, mechanobiology has also increasingly been involved in the study of a plethora of biological and pathological processes, including development, aging, infection as well as diseases such as cancer. A wide spectrum of these aspects across multiscales from the molecular, cellular, tissue to the organ level will be covered in this Symposium. The topics include:

1.     Molecular biomechanics
2.     Cellular mechanics
3.     Nuclear mechanics
4.     Tissue mechanics
5.     Organ mechanics
6.     Cytoskeletal dynamics
7.     Mechanosensitive channels
8.     Mechanosensing and mechanosignaling
9.     Cell Migration
10.  Matrix assembly and remodeling
11.  Adhesion site assembly and dynamics
12.  Mechanobiology of Diseases
13.  Bacterial-host interactions and pathogenesis
14.  Skin mechanobiology
15.  Mechanomedicine
16.  Nano/Microfabrication
17.  Nano/Microfluidics
18.  Tools & Techniques in mechanobiology
19.  Microscopy
20.  Computational and theoretical modeling
21.  Bio- and biomimetic materials
22.  Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
23.  Synthetic biology
24.  Immuno-mechanobiology

International Scientific Committee

1. Taiji Adachi, Kyoto University, Japan
2. Joji Ando, Dokkyo Medical School, Japan
3. Shu Chien (Co-chair), University of California, San Diego, USA
4. Linhong Deng (Co-chair), Changzhou University, China
5. Denis Discher, University of Pennsylvania, USA
6. Wojciech Dzwolak, University of Warsaw, Poland
7. David Elad, Tel Aviv University, Israel
8. Edward Guo, Columbia University, USA
9. Guy Genin, Washington University in St. Louis, USA
10. Shigeo Hayashi, RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, Japan
11. Jonathan Howard, Yale University, USA
12. Shin’ichi Ishiwata, Waseda University, Japan
13. Roger Kamm, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
14. Michael King, Vanderbilt University,USA
15. C.T. Lim, Mechanobiology Institute,  National University of Singapore, Singapore
16. Mian Long, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
17. Boris Martinac (Co-chair), Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Australia
18. Satyajit Mayor, National Centre for Biological Sciences, India
19. Daniel Mueller, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
20. Keiji Naruse, Okayama University, Japan
21. Alphonso Ngan, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
22. Toshihiko Ogura, Tohoku University, Japan
23. Toshiro Ohashi, Osaka University, Japan
24. Matthieu Piel (Co-chair), Institut Curie, France
25. Michael Sheetz (Chair),Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore
26. Masahiro Sokabe (Co-chair), Nagoya University, Japan
27. G.V. Shivashankar, Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore
28. Vivek Shenoy, University of Pennsylvania, USA
29. Sam Safran, Weizmann Institute, Israel
30. Ulrich Schwarz,University of Heidelburg, Germany
31. Ming-Jer Tang, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
32. Peter Wang, University of Californaia, San Diego, USA
33. David Weitz, Harvard University, USA
34. Ken Yamada, Laboratory of Cell and Developmental Biology, NIH, USA
35. Xiaoqiang Yao, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
36. Alpha Yap, University of Queensland, Australia
37. Shi Yongde, Shanghai Medical School, China
38. Xiaohui (Frank) Zhang, Lehigh University, USA
39. Cheng Zhu, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Organizing Committee

1. Low Boon Chuan, Mechanobiology Institute, NUS, Singapore
2. Yan Jie (Scientific Program Chair), Mechanobiology Institute, NUS, Singapore
3. Tony Pakorn Kanchanawong, Mechanobiology Institute, NUS, Singapore
4. C.T Lim (Chair), Mechanobiology Institute, NUS, Singapore
5. Wu Min (Scientific Program Co-chair) Mechanobiology Institute, NUS, Singapore
6. G.V.Shivashankar (Co-chair), Mechanobiology Institute, NUS, Singapore
7. Timothy Saunders, Mechanobiology Institute, NUS, Singapore
8. Yusuke Toyama, Mechanobiology Institute, NUS, Singapore

Conference Secretariat

Latha K.S, Conference Administrator, Mechanobiology Institute, NUS, Singapore


University Town
National University of Singapore


Registrations and online submission of abstracts will be open shortly.

Interested applicants may register online for the conference by filling in the online registration form and submitting an abstract in about 200 words.

Kindly note the deadlines for registration and abstract submission:

Registration & Abstract submission (Early Bird ends)  15 July 2017
Registration & Abstract Submission (late submission ends)  15 August 2017
Notification of Acceptance 8  September 2017

Selected applicants are required to pay the registration fees as shown below. Please note that all presenters (both oral & posters) are required to pay the registration fees.

Students (no banquet)  S$
Early Bird Registration  300
Late  registration  350
On-site registration  400
Early Bird Registration  650
Late  registration  750
 On-site registration  800

Student Fees

To register as a student, proof of your student status needs to be furnished. The student identification card or a letter from your university needs to be uploaded during the registration process. If the same cannot be uploaded please email it to ismb2017@gmail.com with your name and the reference of your registration. The registration fee for students does not cover the conference banquet.

Payment of Registration Fees

Payment can be made on the online registration payment portal by means of credit card only once you receive the notification of acceptance.


The last date for payment of registration fee for online registrations is September 30, 2017.


A certain number of non-AC(student accommodation ) and a very limited of AC accommodation(student accommodation)  have been reserved on campus for the participants of the conference on payment basis strictly from the 10th December to 15th December (5 nights only). Once the notification of acceptance is received, the participants will have to book the accommodation directly with the Office of Housing and making the payment for the accommodation at the time of booking. Further details on the room rates and whom to contact will be up on the website at a later date.

Contracted Housing

For participants who do not wish to book the campus housing, the following hotel close to NUS campus will be  providing discounted rates for the conference. More information and the booking details will be provided shortly.

Park Avenue Rochester
31 Rochester Drive
Singapore, 138637
Phone: (65) 6808 8600
Google Map
Hotel Website: www.parkavenuerochester.com

Cancellation Policy

Notification of cancellation must be submitted by email to the conference organizers to ismb2017@gmail.com

Cancellation made before October 31, 2017 – Refund of registration fee paid less administration fee of SGD 100

Cancellation made before November 15, 2017 – Refund of 50% of registration fees

Cancellations made after November 15 2017 will NOT be refunded

No shows will NOT be refunded


Please ensure that you have a valid passport for travel and check with your local Embassy. Please note that some countries require your passport to be valid for up to six months.

Nationals from a wide majority of countries do not require visas for social visits of a 30 day duration provided that they are in possession of recognized and valid travel  documents, adequate funds and return tickets. For a list of countries whose nationals require visa to travel to Singapore, please refer to http://www.ica.gov.sg/page.aspx?pageid=96.

Should an official letter of invitation and V39A form be required for your visa, please send your request by email to ismb2017@gmail.com once the conference registration formalities are completed with the payment of registration fees.

If your visa is declined, refunds will be offered in line with our cancellation policy.


We hope to attract about 300 participants from all parts of the world. This event provides an excellent opportunity to show-case the latest products and technologies available to researchers and provide marketing opportunities to companies. Interested sponsors may please write to ismb2017@gmail.com or to Prof.C.T.Lim at ctlim@nus.edu.sg.