The Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore is a multi-disciplinary institute committed to developing new paradigms for biomedical research by focusing on the quantitative analysis of dynamic functional processes. We are seeking outstanding candidates for the following positions:

Research assistant position available in Saunders lab

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published July 11th, 2014

One Research Assistant position is available for a cell and/or developmental biologist to work with Dr. Timothy Saunders’ group at the Mechanobiology Institute, NUS.  The lab research focus is on the role of mechanical force in regulating development. We use Drosophila, fission yeast and zebrafish as model organisms.  The group takes a “systems” approach –…

Microfabrication Research Assistant needed at MBI’s Nano and Fabrication Core

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published July 3rd, 2014

Job description µFab core @ MBI is looking for a RA with a high level profile in micro/nano-fabrication. The hired RA will be part of the µFab core staff at MBI and will be in charge of optimizing micro- and nano-fabrication processes in the transition from lab-scale proof of principle toward out-of-lab pre-production demonstration. To…

Research Assistant needed in Protein Cloning and Expression Core

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published June 23rd, 2014

We are looking for a full-time Research Assistant with at least a bachelor’s degree (master’s degree is preferred) and 3+ years of experience in molecular biology, cell biology or related areas. Expected tasks include performing molecular cloning, protein expression and purification. The selected candidate will need to work independently and be able to track and solve problems….

Research Assistant position open in Kanchanawong Lab

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published June 18th, 2014

Position: Research Assistant Location: Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore Date Posted: June 2014 We are looking for a candidate with at least a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences or related areas.  Successful candidate will work closely with senior lab members in studying cell-matrix interactions by advanced imaging methods.  Expected tasks include performing mammalian cell…

Now hiring: Senior Systems Engineer, Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published May 21st, 2014

MBI is world-renowned biological research centre employing cutting edge science research, experimentation and imaging technology as a central component of our research.  Imaging experiments result in the collection of very large data sets that must be stored, processed, analyzed and visualized, all of which requires high-end computational hardware and software technology and highly trained personnel…

Research associate position open in Prof Jay T Groves Lab

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published April 22nd, 2014

We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate for an open position as Research Associate in the laboratory of Prof. Jay T. Groves. We study organization of membrane receptor-ligand complexes using supported lipid bilayers. Candidates with experiences in handling mammalian tissue culture, molecular biology and microscopy will be preferred. Other requirements: Master’s degree with 2+ years…

Postdoctoral position available – Mechanobiology of embryonic polarity

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published April 7th, 2014

One postdoctoral researcher position is available for a cell-developmental biologist to work with Dr Fumio Motegi’s group. We are interested in understanding the mechanisms underlying “cell polarization”, by which molecules/organelles establish spatial asymmetry within a cell and across tissues. Cell polarization relies on mechanical processes that involve asymmetric contraction of actomyosin networks and trans-location of…

Full-time position available, Finance officer for Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published February 25th, 2014

Job Type: Full Time/Contract Duties & Responsibilities Check and process payment/invoices, receipts and claims for the Institute and ensure it is in compliance with NUS’ and Institute’s policies and guidelines Verify all Invoices and Claims on timely basis Archive processed documents for safekeeping Assist in the Asset Management for the Institute Provide advice to staff…

Biologist or Engineer wanted for our microscopy team

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published January 6th, 2014

MBI runs one of the largest light microscopy facilities in the world. If you have a background in biology or an engineering discipline and hold at least a Bachelors degree, working as a MICROSCOPY SPECIALIST might be an interesting opportunity for you. Hands-on experience with microscopes during course work or having some background in optics will be very…

Scientist or Engineer wanted for research work in IMAGE PROCESSING and STATISTICAL ANALYSIS

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published January 6th, 2014

We offer a junior position for someone with a Bachelors or Masters degree in a scientific field or engineering, to support our researchers in image processing tasks and statistical analysis thereof. If you have experience with image processing and scientific work and have the mathematical background to understand the analysis of experiments by means of statistics or…