Regulating Neuron Growth

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published December 14th, 2015

MBI scientists reveal the precise regulatory mechanism that promotes neurite outgrowth

Nanoscale architecture of focal adhesions

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published November 30th, 2015

New research from the Kanchanawong Lab seeks to understand how talins determine the height of the focal adhesion

E-cadherin mobility regulates adhesion formation

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published September 10th, 2015

An MBI-led study reveals that reduced E-cadherin mobility is required for assembly of adherens junctions.

Integrative Biology Journal special issue on Mechanobiology

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published September 4th, 2015

A comprehensive update of research in mechanobiology thus far.

MBI seeking qualified applicants

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published August 26th, 2015

The Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore is seeking applicants for faculty and postdoctoral fellow positions

Whole cell mechanosensing

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published August 24th, 2015

Collaborative study reveals cells undergo large-scale cytoskeletal remodelling in response to environmental stiffness

Mechanical remodelling of cell membranes

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published August 11th, 2015

Cell membranes remodel rapidly and passively in response to physical stress by forming membrane reservoirs

Tissue geometry determines epithelial gap closure

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published July 14th, 2015

The Ladoux Lab has identified a universal mechanism that explains how the geometrical properties of tissue regulate forces

MBI is proud to acknowledge our 2015 graduates

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published July 10th, 2015

Best of luck to our latest graduating class!

Novel methodology for efficiently culturing cancer cells

By deedupuy@nus.edu.sg | Published June 15th, 2015

MBI researcher Prof CT Lim develops novel technique for culturing circulating tumor cells (CTCs) that could be used to predict cancer treatment outcome.