Benoit Ladoux

Co-Principal Investigator, MBI

lab: Cell Adhesion and Mechanics Lab

Professor, Matière et Systèmes Complexes, Université Paris Diderot & CNRS

Epithelial cell migration; Microfabrication for cell mechanics; Influence of the mechanical environments on cell functions; Mechanotransduction

Our research aims at understanding how living organisms interact with their environment. In particular, we are studying the cooperation between adhesion, biomechanical and biochemical signaling for the adaptation of living organisms to changes in their environment. To probe these questions, our laboratory has developed a repertoire of micro- and nano-fabrication tools to control and measure the chemical and mechanical environment of cells. Our research programme thus focuses on the integration of novel microfabricated devices for the quantitative imaging of living organisms.

With a background in Physics, Prof Ladoux started his career at Curie Institute working on single molecule biophysics. He worked on two main problems combining statistical physics, microfabrication and molecular biology: 1) chromatin condensation in real time; 2) fluctuations of a single polymer under shear flows. After a post-doc on cell mechanics, he used his knowledge in biophysics and microfabrication to start a new subject on mechanical studies of cell migration and adhesion at the University Paris Diderot. He developed original systems to characterise the mechanical interactions of cells with their migration support. He initiated a pluridisciplinary collaboration between French institutes and developed several collaborations with well-established international institutions such as IBEC (Spain), Harvard, Columbia, Carnegie Mellon (USA) and NUS. Introduced to Singapore by Prof Sheetz whom he collaborates with, he is now involved as a Principal Investigator in MBI.


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