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About MBIOne of four Research Centres of Excellence at NUS, MBI is working to identify, measure and describe how the forces for motility and morphogenesis are expressed at the molecular, cellular and tissue level.
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MBI’s Commitment to Safety

The Mechanobiology Institute is committed to the safety and health of every person working at MBI. Occupational Health and Safety, located in the T-Lab building, has the ultimate goal of providing a safe working and learning environment for all.

The Mechanobiology Institute (MBI) Safety Committee aims to promote, maintain, and enhance a safe and healthy working environment that is conducive for research and collaboration. The committee has the responsibility to help to implement safety policies, management system, and comprises of representatives from all the various groups working within the Institute.

The Mechanobiology Institute has a commitment to safety

MBI is committed to the safety and health of every person working in the Institute. This responsibility extends to all staff, students, research partners, contractors and other visitors to the Institute.

The MBI safety and health (S & H) policies are as follows:

  1. MBI prevents and minimizes the occurrence of injury & ill-health through proactive hazards identification, risk assessment and implementation of risk control measures.
  2. MBI takes all reasonable efforts and measures to achieve and maintain compliance with the applicable national S & H legislations, NUS S & H policy, directives, and good practices.
  3. MBI ensures that all S & H matters are communicated to all persons working under the control of the Institute with the intent that they are aware of their individual S & H obligations.
  4. MBI maintains sufficient resources for the implementation of its S & H management system. This S & H management system will be subjected to periodic review for continual improvement of its management and performance.
  5. MBI is committed towards building a positive S & H culture.

MBI Safety Committee

Prof Shivashankar G V, Chair

A/P Sudol Marius, Co-chair
Prof Yan Jie, Co-chair

Ms Tan Bee Leng, Safety Coordinator (Secretary)

Ms Zhou Qian Zoey, Safety Officer

Ms Gorji Azita
Dr Foo Yong Hwee
Mr Sarvesh Abhay Sukhatme
Mr Alexis Kerh
Dr Myint Zu Myaing
Dr Fong Li Shan Eliza
Mr Lim Jia Sheng
Dr Pan Meng
Ms Thiagarajan Visalatchi
Mr Kalidasan Kamaladasan
Mr Lin Bo Cheng Lester
Dr Anushya Hariharan
Dr Nagarajan Mallika
Ms Liu Meihan
Ms Liang Mui Yee, Rosa
Dr Gianluca Grenci
Ms Chen Hongying
Mr Manuel Santiago Manalad, Manny
Ms Lim Christine
Ms Wong Kwan Pooi June
Mr Tan Song Hui
Ms Ong Tien Yin Moshi
Mr Mak Kah Jun
Mr Jegan Vishnuwardhana Shanmugarajah
Dr Ratna Prasuna Vogirala
Dr Lakshmi Ramachandran
Ms Latha Krishnarajpet Shiva

NUS Safety & Health Award (NUSSHA) 2017

MBI participated in NUS Safety and Health Award (NUSSHA) 2016, further implemented and continuously improved the MBI Safety and Health Management System and won the Commitment Award in 2017.

MBI Co-Director, Prof Paul Thomas Matsudaira representing MBI to receive the award from Vice President (Campus Infrastructure), Prof Yong Kwet Yew

Zoey ZHOU Qian

Zoey ZHOU Qian

Safety and Health Manager
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