Microscopic Muscles

How non-muscle cells find the strength to move

Letting Go

How dying cells detach and are expelled from a tissue, and how tissue tension in the region surrounding a dying cell is remodeled.

Illuminating the Contacts

With super-resolution microscopy at their disposal, an international research team led by Asst. Prof. Pakorn (Tony) Kanchanawong have revealed, for the first time, how the cadherin-based cell-cell contacts are organized.

Cellular Podiatry

Research from the Bershadsky Lab has revealed that a protein known as Arf1 plays a role in podosome formation by regulating the assembly of myosin-II within the cytoskeleton.

Stability Without Junctions

Cadherin prevents cortical deformation

Cell Extrusion Mechanisms

Cell density regulates how cells are removed from the epithelial cell sheet.