IFOM-MBI collaboration reveals how mechanical stress triggers signals to protect genome integrity

ATR-modulated chromatin dissociation from the nuclear envelope is triggered by local mechanical stress.

Dynamics of cortical actin in the recruitment of cadherin at adhesion sites

Engl et al reveal how actin dynamics influences E-cad recruitment at cell-cell adhesions

Clues for targeting Ras-driven liver cancer through RhoA activation

Ras-Rho cross talk provides insight into slowing Ras-driven liver cancer through RhoA activation

New mechanism of wound healing published in Nature Physics

Cell-generated forces and deformation of the underlying substrate drives wound healing

MBI researchers identify how alpha-catenin confers mechanosensing properties to cell-cell adhesions

Stretching of alpha-catenin exposes vincluin binding site – an intergral step in mechanosensing at cell-cell adhesions

MBI pleased to introduce our incoming class

MBI welcomes ten new students pursuing a PhD in mechanobiology.