Dynamics of cortical actin in the recruitment of cadherin at adhesion sites

Engl et al reveal how actin dynamics influences E-cad recruitment at cell-cell adhesions

MembraneChip experiment reveals new layer of protein regulation

Allosteric binding regulates SOS activity at the cell membrane

MBI collaborates with IFOM in the fight against cancer

MBI’s Prof GV Shivashankar to head new Joint Research Laboratory established from MBI-IFOM partnership

What makes cells move?

Further understanding of the machinery of cell motility empowers MBI researchers to identify new technologies and therapies relevant to cancer treatment, burns treatment and organ development.

Binding of Vinculin to Talin Rod Domains Facilitates its Unfolded Conformation

MBI researchers Yao and Goult discover how binding of vinculin to talin prevents it from refolding at low and intermediate forces.

The Influence of Nanotopography on Stem Cell Differentiation

Prof Yim highlights an important role of FAK in the mechano- transduction and differentiation of stem cells.