Epithelial tube contraction

A/Prof Ronen Zaidel-Bar and MBI graduate student Pei Yi Tan identify a novel mechanosensitve regulation of epithelial tube contraction

Unlocking the complexity of cell adhesion

A/Prof Zaidel-Bar reveals the complexity of E-cadherin regulation

Nobel Science Camp students visit MBI

51 students aged 13 to 18 years tour MBI labs as part of the inaugural Nobel Science Camp, organized by the NUS High School.

Major advances in mechanobiology reviewed

New review on Mechanobiology published by Prof Sheetz in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology

Professor Michael Sheetz awarded 2014 Keith R Porter Lecture Award

MBI Director recognized for his contributions to the field of Mechanobiology

The Mechanobiology of Development and Multicellular Dynamics

Symposium brings together experts from different fields to pursue an integral and mechanical view of development