Dynamics of cortical actin in the recruitment of cadherin at adhesion sites

Engl et al reveal how actin dynamics influences E-cad recruitment at cell-cell adhesions

Clues for targeting Ras-driven liver cancer through RhoA activation

Ras-Rho cross talk provides insight into slowing Ras-driven liver cancer through RhoA activation

New mechanism of wound healing published in Nature Physics

Cell-generated forces and deformation of the underlying substrate drives wound healing

MBI researchers identify how alpha-catenin confers mechanosensing properties to cell-cell adhesions

Stretching of alpha-catenin exposes vincluin binding site – an intergral step in mechanosensing at cell-cell adhesions

MBI pleased to introduce our incoming class

MBI welcomes ten new students pursuing a PhD in mechanobiology.

MembraneChip experiment reveals new layer of protein regulation

Allosteric binding regulates SOS activity at the cell membrane