Anchoring proteins stabilize the cell

A/Prof Ronen Zaidel-Bar, Dr Yemima Budirahardja and Thang Doan discover a novel role for GPI anchors in maintaining epithelial cell integrity via connection to the cytoskeleton

Cellular decision making

Prof Alexander Bershadsky and Dr Tee Yee Han discover that cytoskeletal dynamics establish left-right asymmetry in cells

Surfaces change cell behaviour

Cyclic stretching of the supporting layer provides an essential mechanical stimulus for cell spreading and growth on soft surfaces.

Clustering drives formation of subcellular morphogen gradients

A/Prof Tim Saunders describes a new theoretical model of cluster-mediated concentration gradient formation.

Sealing the gaps

Epithelial cells surrounding a non-adherent gap exert directional forces to enhance purse-string contraction mediated closure.

Superresolution imaging of E-cadherin

A/Profs Ronen Zaidel-Bar and Tony Kanchanawong and MBI grad student Wu Yao use superresolution microscopy to image the nanoscale building blocks of adherens junctions.